In 1990 born Richardi Fazzio Menegazzo (RFM), a company that currently stands as principal Elaboration of sparkling wines from third parties in the region.


Norberto Richardi and José Manuel Menegazzo, both oenologists, are very well known for their experience on making sparkling wines.

When they were young, they decided to specialize in this field, and they achieved it in their business area and as university professors as well.

Young oenologists have drunk from the experiences of these beloved professors for over 30 years whom taught at universities, generously sharing their knowledge, experience and métier secrets with each one of their students.

Thanks to the Argentine sparkling wine boom at the end of the 80s, they gave birth to a great relationship with Carmelo Fazio,

a partner whom did not come from the wine world, but was passionate about it and joined this dream. Therefore, the three of them decided to bet on their own winery and their main objective was to elaborate wines for third parties.

This joint venture began at a winery in Rodeo de la Cruz in 1989. As years went by, its capacity grew from 10,000 bottles a year to 12 million bottles a year.

Time went by and the new generations started joining the project, and they are the ones whom keep the same passion and commitment as their parents and add new ideas to develop at a present time full of new challenges.

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